It’s happened to all of us. We’ve taken time out of our day and traveled to a live event, ready for a night of informative talks and inspiration, and wound up disappointed. The speakers lacked passion or real-world expertise – or both. The “informative talks” were nothing more than live commercials about the company’s products. For whatever reason, the event simply wasn’t worth the time.

This happens all too often in the aesthetic industry and it’s gone on long enough. So we’re changing the way aesthetic professionals think about live events with our ACCELERATE User Summits.

ACCELERATE events bring expert clinicians and industry marketers together in a live setting. The objective is to give aesthetic professionals a valuable experience packed with insider knowledge, revenue generating tactics, and the latest marketing techniques used to attract patients and increase revenues.

Kevin Mendell, Alma’s Strategic Marketing Director, says, “Our emphasis is not on the devices, but on what the devices can do for a provider’s business… We’re giving our audience the chance to learn from a pro who’s at the top of their game.”

In other words, you won’t hear another boring presentation about a device and its amazing capabilities. At ACCELERATE events, you’ll learn how the device benefits you and your patients and learn how to leverage those capabilities in your day-to-day business.

“Every company claims to have competitive advantages,” Mendell continues. “They sometimes forget that an advantage must come from a real world perspective.”

Said another way, the most successful providers know how to make a technological competitive advantage work to the full advantage. They maximize the marketing activities and, in the end, win more patients than their competitors. The pros speaking at Accelerate can explain how.

Alma’s first ACCELERATE events are scheduled for:

More events are in the works. Keep an eye on our calendar for events near you. Please keep in mind that seating for all ACCELERATE events is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are required.