The other day, an airline lost my luggage. It’d been one of those days, too; a flight delay, two bumpy flights, endless lines. The last thing I wanted to do was wait in another queue. I wanted to see my clothes again, though, so I obediently waited in line to beg the keeper-of-lost-bags for help. While I stood there, I couldn’t help but think about the glory days of flying.

Many years ago, air travel was full of luxury. Stylishly dressed cabin crews doted on passengers. On international flights, food was prepared in the air and often served by a chef. Flying was a glamorous experience.

Traveling by air has, to put it gently, changed dramatically. Now, you’re lucky if someone will sell you a little food in a microwavable safe container! The whole experience from beginning to end is about as glamorous as riding the bus.

Our industry – the business of helping people achieve their aesthetic goals – is still in its childhood. This year, countless patients will discover how trained professionals with lasers can make them look younger and feel better. Chances are good that they’ll enjoy the treatment results. The total experience, however, is up to you.

It’s important to note that whether we work as a provider or on the technology side of the business, we all answer to the same boss – the market. Ultimately, the patients decide what works and what doesn’t. One thing we know for sure, patients want an experience to remember.

Unlike air travelers, aesthetic patients expect to be valued. They’re spending their hard-earned dollars on more than a result. They’re buying an experience. That experience begins long before they ever step foot into your office.

Some locations are better at providing this experience than others. But any practice can implement the processes that make their location one that patients return to. Likewise, any practice can make purchasing an aesthetic treatment a glorious experience.

On of our recent Marketing Minute episodes dives into this topic in detail, “Six Ways You’re Sending Patients to your Competition.” The on-demand webcast is available here.

This episode looks at the total experience of your patient’s visit, starting from the moment they find you. The presentation explores how social media can impact patient acquisition and explains what your website must do to earn the patient. Believe it or not, these two areas can set the tone for the patient’s experience.

The Marketing Minute also shares the one thing that patients expect every treatment and how to deliver it. It’s something everyone on your team should know.

We invite you to watch this episode. You can access it here. When you’re done, take steps to ensure that a visit to your practice is reminiscent of the glory days of flying.

Kevin Mendell,
VP of Marketing, Alma