For aesthetic providers, social media is a real gift. Instagram and other digital gathering places give aesthetic providers a place to stay in touch with existing patients and attract new ones. A quality social media presence can work on your behalf twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But there’s some debate about what a quality presence looks like.

When it comes to posting updates, tweeting, or sharing photographs, it’s not uncommon to become stumped. It seems that when we most need our creativity, the well completely dries up.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Social media can be easier and more effective than ever before by keeping the ten tips below in mind.

1. Look Like a Pro

If you expect to be taken seriously, your profiles must look good. This means that your headers are professionally designed with maximum effectiveness in mind. Your logo and other branding elements are placed appropriately for each medium. Nothing important is covered up or lost.

Social media has an extremely low barrier to entry and it’s tempting to skimp on these essentials. But doing so will make you look like an amateur. The investment is minimal and it’s worth every dime. For Alma’s partners, header graphics are available in the Alma Plus Store.

2. The Key Word Is Social

The most important word in social media is social. You must be social for it to do any good. This means posting on a regular basis, replying to comments, wishing your fans happy birthdays and sharing other content that your followers will enjoy.

3. Make it About Them

You probably know a braggart. This is the guy who talks constantly about himself, his accomplishments, his intelligence and possessions. He’s his own biggest fan and won’t let you forget it. Social media makes it easy to become this guy. But it’s a mistake.

You can still share a bit about your accomplishments, but do so in a way that benefits others. When you become an expert hair removal laser* operator, for example, promote your new skills as being beneficial to your patient. You can share how excited you are to be able to offer an extremely comfortable hair removal to the widest range of patients.

4. Make it Personal

People make deep bonds with other people, not brands. For this to occur, your audience needs to know you. We mean the real you, a trained provider who cares about patients and takes an outcome based approach. When you share the right personal facts, your audience will see you as the most knowledgeable and diligent provider in town. This can make you the most sought after provider in town, too.

5. Stories Get Our Attention

Since the days of living in caves, humans have shared stories. We are wired for stories. Stories are so much a part of us that social media site offer special ways to share them.

You might share the story of how you became a provider, allowing your audience to see your evolution from aspiring trainee to experienced professional. If your background is especially compelling

With a patient’s permission**  you might share how you were able to transform their life and self-esteem through your aesthetic skills. You might share what it’s like behind the scenes, giving people the inside scoop into your practice. It may feel routine to you, but your audience will value the information.

You can share stories a number ways. Short stories go will with Twitter and Instagram. Longer stories may require the use of video. Learn more about video marketing in this episode of Alma’s Marketing Minute series – click here.

6. Find Your Most Powerful Messages

The more active you are on social media, you more you’ll become aware that some stories earn more likes, shares, and comments than others. When something performs well, it’s because it struck a chord with your audience, what marketers call emotional resonance.

This kind of feedback is worth more than gold bullion. It enables you to identify what works. Once you do, do more of it.

7. Don’t Discount Facebook

Right now, Instagram is the hottest thing in the cosmos, second only to the sun. But that doesn’t mean its predecessors are dead cold. In fact, Twitter is on the rebound (again) and its effectiveness increases with each iteration.

Likewise, Facebook is still a valuable tool for digital marketing. The ways in which we use Facebook, however, have changed in ways both subtle and dramatic. We have two Marketing Minute episodes available on this topic. Click the links below to watch them:

Maximize Your Marketing on Facebook

Ten Ways to WIN Patients Using Facebook Live

8. Get on Instagram

Seriously, it really is the hottest social media platform available today and it’s rather perfect for aesthetic providers. Don’t put it off one more day. If you’re hesitant to start working on yet another social media platform, learn how to get started quickly with the training below:

Instagram for Aesthetic Providers

By the way, this Marketing Minute also provides you with a list of Instagram’s most valuable hash tags for aesthetic providers.

9. Create a Plan

All marketing requires three essentials. Think of them in terms of A – B – C:

  • Advanced Planning
  • Budget
  • Creativity

Of the three, the first is the most important. It’s imperative to know what you’re going to post in the days and weeks ahead. Likewise, it’s important to have an outcome in mind. This doesn’t mean you need to sit down and carve out a complex social media strategy for the next year.

It simply means choosing an area to focus on with a specific goal in mind and publishing accordingly. You might spend one month on a wide range of face and body treatments with the intention of increasing inbound calls, consultations, and booked treatments.

You’ll plan the month with your audience in mind, thinking of how your services solve their biggest problems and the most interesting, entertaining, and informative ways to shares them.

This kind of plan has a high degree of flexibility built into it, so if something new comes up you can still share it and continue with your plan.

Right now, in the United States, we’re entering the holiday season. Think about the spirit of the special days ahead and what drives patients to your door. What problem do aesthetic patients most want solved before gathering with family and friends? You know the answer. Now get on social media and share it with the world.

10. B&A Tell Stories

Whenever possible, include real Before & After photographs. It goes without saying that you need your patient’s permission. Work with your legal adviser or attorney to ensure you’re following all laws. But do use them.

You’ve heard the expression, “A picture tells a thousand words.” With B&As it’s often true. Remember, prospective patients have a problem to be solved. When they see someone similar to them in a B&A, they see you as the provider who solved that problem.

* Permanent reduction in hair regrowth defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9 and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.
**Work with your legal adviser or attorney to ensure you’re following all laws