Skin resurfacing, one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments, has helped countless consumers fight the visible signs of aging. The hands of time, however, often do the most visible damage around the eyes.

Unfortunately, many providers found the aggressive nature of traditional skin resurfacing technology lacking – or altogether helpless – in this area. The lasers simply weren’t up for the unique challenges of treating the thinner, more sensitive skin in the orbital area. Patients were stuck with their crow’s feet, worry lines and worse.

In general skin resurfacing lasers have come a long way. Alma’s non-ablative skin resurfacing technology, ClearLift, has given providers specific advantages.

It’s important to mention that ClearLift is able to treat other sensitive areas in addition to the skin around the eyes. In fact, any area that is sensitive to heat such as the mouth, neck and chest can be considered for the ClearLift treatment. Best of all, no numbing is required prior to the treatment and all skin healing happens without damaging the outer layer of skin.

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