From day one, Dr. Lima-Maribona knew laser hair removal* (LHR) had to be part of her dermatology practice. She needed a reliable piece of equipment with the flexibility to treat patients with varying skin types.

Upon evaluating several hair removal devices prior to opening her practice, the Soprano Family of devices by Alma Lasers piqued her interest. When she read about Soprano ICE’s capabilities, Dr. Maribona knew it was the obvious pick for her hair removal system of choice. Unlike other tools, the laser diode works for a full spectrum of skin tones.

Turning away business is never good practice. Yet, most dermatologists without laser hair removal are doing just that – turning away patient after patient. Since some practitioners believe that laser hair removal is not worth the initial investment and choose not to offer it, patients look elsewhere for this service. Oftentimes, this means patients make a visit to the medspa down the street, which offers the convenience of laser hair removal in addition to traditional dermatologic services.

Below are six reasons why Dr. Lima-Maribona believes every dermatologist should have LHR in their practice:

  1. Higher profits: Depending on your state, it is not necessary for an MD to perform LHR treatment. Physician assistants (PAs) can perform the treatment, which allows more patients to be serviced.
  2. Opportunity to upsell: Signs reminding patients about laser hair removal can be posted in every room as an extra add-on treatment to their visit.
  3. Patient retention: When more services are offered in a dermatology practice, the probability of retaining patients rises since they remain loyal for a convenient one-stop experience.
  4. Marketing investments no longer required: By adding laser hair removal to your list of treatments offered, promotion will happen naturally as satisfied patients promote via word-of-mouth.
  5. Keeps PAs busy: The brief 5-30 minute appointments keep PAs continuously busy all day when physicians are not available, maximizing their profitability.
  6. Endless patient base: The pool of available patients deepens as everyone from teenage girls who don’t want to shave every day, to men who want to show off their smooth chests and backs, show up in droves for LHR.

While some aesthetic professionals are hesitant to add LHR to their practice, Dr. Lima-Maribona jumped right into the deep end. “When I learned that the Soprano Family takes between 5-30 minutes for treatments, is virtually pain free and allows treatment all pigmented hair and all skin types including tanned skin, I knew it needed to be in my Miami practice,” comments Dr. Lima-Maribona.  Her practice allows PAs to perform the procedure, which makes the Soprano ICE worth purchasing for her Florida office. With the hot Miami bathing suit weather, a diode laser can be used on any skin type. The Soprano ICE from Alma Lasers is not just a nice device to have for a dermatology practice but a necessity.

The Soprano Family of hair removal products is the last piece to the puzzle that keeps patients in the door with a one-stop shopping experience ensuring happy and loyal patients for life.

* Permanent reduction in hair regrowth defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9 and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.