Marketing is important to every med spa. It seems that competition increases in direct parallel to consumer’s desires for treatments and that more and more professionals enter the world of aesthetics every day. For that reason, we’ve elected to spend time on our blog sharing marketing tips and tactics that can be used to market aesthetic services.

Most recently, we explored the world of social media with some tips about using Facebook. Today we’d like to explore another very popular social media sharing site – Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform in which users can Tweet a post of up to 140 characters in length. A few of our recent Tweets are shown below:

Twitter is only as valuable as your following. So for your med spa, it’s important to find Twitter users in your area that may become your patient. Once you identify these Twitter users you can follow them and entice them to follow you back.

This is something of an art form and we could go on and on about identifying the right Twitter users for your area. For now, let’s say that you’ve got a few followers and you want to utilize Twitter in the best way possible. Remember, the purpose of marketing is to drive traffic to your website where visitors can schedule a consultation and become an in-person customer. So here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Use shortened URLs. URLs can become very lengthy. Twitter allows you to broadcast 140 characters max so it’s up to you to make every character count. To make the best use of this limited space, shorten all cumbersome URLs to something manageable. Bitly, a free shortening service, is a great tool. Bitly has the added advantage of keeping a record of your shortened URLs so that you can track the number of times someone click through.
  • Use hash tags. Hash tags are a word or phrase that are common to Twitter and which other Twitter users may use when searching Twitter for people or information. The words or phrases are preceded by the # sign. In the examples above we used the hash tag #skin and #beauty.
  • Welcome your new Followers. It’s a good idea to give a quick welcome or thanks for following to your new followers. Not only is this proper Twitter etiquette, it’s just the right thing to do. Without question, you’d welcome a new client in your lobby or treatment room. The same rule of thumb applies with Twitter. This can become time consuming when your Twitter following grows and you have many new followers every day. So know that it’s okay to welcome a number of new followers in the same Tweet. Courtesy takes a few seconds and it can really pay off.
  • Be nice to your Followers. Seriously, your Twitter Followers are human beings and you want their interactions with you to be positive. So take the time to be courteous. If someone Tweets directly to you, reply with enthusiasm. If someone takes the time to give your Tweet a ReTweet, thank them for doing so.

Twitter isn’t as mysterious as it might seem. It’s basically people interacting with people virtually. Used correctly, Twitter can help increase awareness and expand your reach. Part of our Practice Success Kits is the ebook, “101 Tweets.” This guide explores Twitter in more detail and gives vShape owners their first 101 Tweets. Click here to learn more.