Today we continue our popular series on Med Spa Marketing, a topic dear to our hearts. Our focus today is on You Tube, the oldest and still extremely popular video sharing site on the web.

In its early days, YouTube was mostly people sharing their daily lives by talking into the camera. These video bloggers also posted videos of their dogs being funny or their cats being adorable. As YouTube grew in popularity, one thing became clear.

People prefer to watch the internet rather that read the internet.

Droves of professionals embraced this development and began to share their info with the masses in video format.

Now, YouTube is used as a search engine. People looking for information often search YouTube as well as Google. As an experiment, visit YouTube and search for “Laser Hair Removal Phoenix AZ” and see the savvy locations that show up in the search results.

Then try “Laser Hair Removal” with your city and state and evaluate the results. Obviously, if you’re competitors are showing up there you should, too. After all YouTube is a free service and, with a little planning, can help you attract new patient.

We’ve compiled this list of tips to help you get started with YouTube and add video sharing to your marketing mix:

  • The video does not need to look high budget. In fact, viewers may give more credibility to a video that is made by real people rather than a professional production company.
  • However, it’s best to use a quality camera and a tripod to shoot your video to ensure that you’re video has no “shake” or other distracting movements.
  • Use the video to introduce yourself, your background and location.  For example, “Hello, I’m Dr. Smith, Board Certified Dermatologist and founder of the Healthy Skin Clinic in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida…”
  • Always use relevant terms to title your videos such as, “Laser Hair Removal” or “Skin Resurfacing.” Remember to note you location, too. When possible, repeat the terms in the video description and invite people to visit you online by leaving your website address.
  • Discuss technology, but make it personal. Tell the audience what you most like about the technology you use and how it benefits your patients.

Most important, make sure that anyone who sees your video know how to get a hold of you to schedule a consultation. YouTube allows you to place your website URL in the description area. You can also state the address and superimpose it in your video.

Keep in mind that an added benefit to YouTube is that it gives you an easy way to embed videos on important pages of your website. Want to learn more? Check back soon and acquire more marketing skills and tactics to attract more patients.