Med Spa Marketing, Social Media

We’re continuing our series on med spa marketing, a topic near and dear to our hearts. This article’s focus is on social media or social media marketing. At first glance, med spa marketing and social media seem made for one another. After all, aesthetic providers have long utilized word-of-mouth advertising to grow their business and acquire new patients. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter give your clientele the opportunity to say good things about you in the virtual world just like they’d do in the real world of everyday life.

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems and incorporating social media into your med spa’s marketing mix can prove challenging. So in this article we’re going to offer some helpful hints on one social media site – Facebook.

1.) Always use your Fan Page to Market: Facebook limits the number Friends you can have at your personal account. However, there’s no limit to the number of Likes you can earn at your page. For that reason it’s best to have a separate Fan Page set-up for your business.

2.) Choose Your Battles: Some topics are so polarizing that it’s best to stay away from them. Remember, you’re using Facebook to market your business and there’s no good reason to alienate potential customers who may disagree with you political candidates or issues such as gun control or immigration.

3.) Don’t Sell: Nobody logs on to Facebook to be sold something. This makes marketing something of a challenge, doesn’t it? The way to overcome this is by providing information that’s either useful or entertaining. If you can do both you’re steps ahead and positioned to drive traffic to your Page and to your waiting room.

4.)  Use Pictures: Facebook users are more apt to Like a picture than a post, no matter how well written that post may be. So grab your camera and take pictures of yourself, your team, your equipment, etc.

You don’t have to rely solely on photographs, however. You can utilize memes, graphics with a slogan or saying that you can edit, or other images that you own. For example:

Using the above graphic gives ClearLift providers the chance to deliver a valuable message in an entertaining way.

Of course, the post should include a link to your website where visitors can learn more about the ClearLift treatment and request a consultation.

The ways in which you can use graphics are limitless. Be creative, be witty and be social. Let Social Media take care of the rest.

Check back soon for our continuing series on med spa marketing. We’ve got more to share and soon we’ll discuss another social media site that’s very popular – Twitter. For more information about Alma, JuVaShape or any of our other innovations please click here.