Marketing and providing aesthetic services may seem like completely different worlds. Like we’ve said before, medical professionals don’t endure years of training to write advertising copy. However, marketing a med spa or any kind of aesthetic services isn’t as foreign as some would have you believe.

The following series of articles from Alma’s Strategic Marketing Director, Kevin Mendell, describes some of the nuances of marketing and aesthetic services.

 “How Marketing and Aesthetic Services Became my Passion”

The Incredible Team at Vixen Aesthetics

“Marketing is one of my passions. The fast-pace and demanding timelines inherent to introducing a product suit the way I like to work. Marketing also gives me a chance to be creative. Designing material, writing copy – all of it takes a lot of drive and commitment. Marketing isn’t all about planning and implementing, however.

The truth is that marketing must center around the person the product or service benefits the most.

I’m seen a few otherwise brilliant campaigns fall flat on their face became somebody forgot that one important fact. Said another way, marketing is personal and it’s done for the benefit of the customernot the seller.

About a year ago, I joined Alma as a Product Manager. I’d enjoyed my time in aesthetics tremendously and Alma’s expansive product line attracted me. It seemed that Alma had a solution for almost every aesthetic need out there. A product line so diverse and robust is a serious marketer’s dream.

We had a new platform that we wanted to introduce it in a novel way. Most aesthetic professionals are already familiar with how medical brands roll out new products. The company pays for glossy ads in magazines and paid internet campaigns. Those are fine strategies. But for us, it really wasn’t personal enough. Nor did we see it as truly benefiting the end user. So we took marketing aesthetic services a huge step further and implemented our Success Kits and Lifestyle Events program.

Ella demonstrates JuVaShape – the Body and Face Solution

So what exactly is a Lifestyle Event? In a nutshell, it’s a way to introduce a medical technology that fits the needs of your aesthetic patients. It’s doing what you already do best – providing aesthetic services – within the context of making more people aware of it. Alma’s select providers not only enjoy the benefit of a pre-planned event, but the supporting materials that are included with it. I’m not talking about a handful of brochures either. I mean real marketing tools such as banner stands, window clings, VIP cards, professional invitations, wall posters, etc.

The support doesn’t end there. Marketing isn’t a one-time activity. Marketing, especially when you’re providing aesthetic services, is an ongoing pursuit. The Success Kits we issue to select providers include the tools needed to continue marketing your services for the long run. I’ll tell you more in a subsequent article.

For now, think about the marketing you’re planning. Is it consistent with what matters most to your patients? What about new patients? Will it capture their attention? Or will it be the same of story?

We can both agree on two things; a lot’s changed in marketing and a lot’s changed in aesthetics. Chances are, both worlds will continue to evolve. Don’t venture too far all alone. Click here and look into become one of our select providers. We’ll talk then.

P.S.  – Many thanks to Vixen Aesthetics for the pictures. You’re an amazing team and we’re so proud to be a part of your success.