Med spa marketing is a popular topic here at the Alma blog. We can see why. Marketing aesthetic services can be difficult and it’s especially challenging in the ever-changing marketplace.

However, consumers continue to seek out aesthetic treatments and industry data suggests continued growth on the horizon. This means that marketing is an essential part of day to day business for any med spa or aesthetic practice. After all, if you don’t meet the market’s demands your competitor will.

Marketing can be especially time consuming when introducing new technologies to your patients. Part of adding new technology, however, is considering how to introduce the new technology to patient. Consider a few items as essential minimums:

Laminated phone scripts so that you and your team can discuss the new technology and its benefits with prospective patients.

Counter top displays, lobby posters and large buttons so that your existing patients are aware of your new offering.

Referral cards to make word of mouth marketing easier and to turn your biggest fans into your greatest partners.

Patient brochures and mailers so that you can introduce your new services to existing patients who haven’t visited in you in a while.

Special VIP Lifestyle Events cards and direct mailers to give your best patients something so special they’re remember you forever.

Creating such materials can be time consuming and costly.  Alma has always addressed this problem. Our Alma Plus Store is available to our customers 24/7. This puts marketing tools that our customers need at their fingers any time of the day.

Of course, there’s numerous other tactics to consider, especial in the realms of digital (online), social media, and non-traditional marketing. Stay tuned to the Alma Lasers Blog for more info on each of them.