Not so long ago, marketing was simple and straightforward. Now, when we hear the word marketing we think of a broad collection of tools and tactics that include social media, video marketing, tweets, websites, email lists, subscribers and dozens of other things. However, some marketing tools haven’t changed a bit.

The tools haven’t changed because they’re still effective as they ever were. Therefore, they’re still an important component of every marketing mix. Likewise, they deserve a place in your lobby or waiting room.

Banner Stands

Banner stands can increase awareness of your offering. They work well in a lobby or waiting room, but they can be used anywhere you have pedestrian traffic. Placing one banner stand in a high traffic area near your front doors can increase inquiries, consultations, and treatments. Like other traditional tools, banner stands work best when a team member is on hand to answer questions and drive the process.

Counter Cards

Counter cards are used to alert existing traffic to your aesthetic offering during the sign-in process. Counter cards raise awareness and count as an impression. Each impression can trigger an inquiry, but it’s best to guide that process with an open-ended question such as, “Would you like a consultation about face and body treatments?”

Patient Brochures

Patient brochures continue where counter cards and other tangible advertising tools leave off. They continue to introduce your patients to your offering and provide valuable educational content. Brochures can remind prospective patients to take an action in the future, such as scheduling a consultation or asking for more information.

Window Clings

Like banner stands, window clings are used to catch the eyes of potential patients as they pass your place of business. A professionally designed window cling also gives your prospects the assurance that they’re in the hands of a professional who’s invested in the latest technology.

One more aspect of marketing remains the same, regardless of the messaging or the medium used to relay it. It is simply:

People Bond With People More than Brands.

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