Providers want to be busy. The best days occur when the waiting room is packed and patients are booked weeks in advance.

Reputation, longevity, ongoing marketing, and the right treatment mix offered at the right time are all contributing factors. When a practice has been around a while, word of mouth referrals drive new patients who have a great experience and love their results; and in turn tell their friends who also visit and continue the cycle.

At the same time, the practice strives to reach the community via an active mix of digital (online) and traditional marketing initiatives. Traction is gained and continually leveraged on an increasingly expanding scale.

But there’s another ingredient that overlaps marketing and operations. It’s one that, until recently, marketers never talked about. It is: Authenticity.

Authenticity means being honest, but it’s more than that. Authenticity is when honesty is one of your core values. This is easy enough for most providers.

Authenticity also means showing that you care – and care deeply – about the services you provide every step of the way. This is what marketing does best.

Finally, authenticity means showing what you know and, more importantly, why it matters. Again, this is easy enough for most providers.

Authenticity shines through marketing,
transforming it from a message to a relationship.

When you make a video for your YouTube channel or website, your viewers know whether or not you’re authentic. When you share a post on Facebook, they know. What you say about your next Instagram picture is as important as the picture itself, because again they know.

Human beings respond to authenticity. We naturally gravitate to those who we feel are aligned with our best wishes. We believe in those who are passionate about their own beliefs, knowledges, and skills. When authenticity is ubiquitous, a deep sense of trust rises and sustained growth is the natural outcome.

At some point today, you’ll encounter non-authentic marketing. To a smaller degree, you’ll encounter authentic marketing, too. You’ll know when you do by the visceral reaction in your being, the way the brand seems to be more than goods or services. You’ll feel that it’s been designed for you and that it matter – because both are true. Your patients and prospective patients are worth the same.

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