Alma’s Practitioner Spotlight honors the best providers in the business.  This month, we’re proud to shine a light on Dr. Amber Bocknek. We’re even more excited to spend a little time with Dr. Bocknek and pose a few important questions here on our blog.

Dr. Bocknek’s answers shed a great insight into what it means to be an aesthetic provider in today’s marketplace.

Your philosophy is “Look good, not ‘done.’ Why is that your philosophy and how do you stand by it?

My philosophy comes from my personal belief. I believe it is important to look natural.  I’m getting older, like my patients, with every passing day. As I approach my 50s, I’m not attempting to look 20. However, I want the fresh and relaxed look that exudes health and vibrancy.

I think of myself as a care provider first. By setting realistic expectations for myself and my patients, I deliver care that keeps people looking their best at every age. When aesthetic doctors push to achieve extreme results, patients start to look artificial.  From this perspective, my philosophy of “look good, not done” has developed.

Which Alma laser device is your most preferred and why?

This is a very challenging question. I have four Alma devices: the Harmony XL Pro, the vShape Ultra, the Soprano ICE, and the Femilift Pixel CO2.  Each of these devices brings a unique and effective set of treatments to my patients. I really wouldn’t want to part with any of them. However, if you forced me to choose, I could narrow it down to two of my very best.

The device I use the most is the Harmony XL Pro. It delivers a wide variety of treatments that my patients need to address specific issues. The Harmony XL Pro is a versatile platform of several lasers and light based handpieces. Of all the handpieces, the ones I use the most frequently are Clearlift Plus and the Dye-VL.

ClearLift Plus meets the needs of my patients who want improvement in their skin’s appearance as well as a reduction in fine lines, but they have busy, active lives and cannot take time off. I use this laser for treating fine lines in delicate areas such as the eye area, both the upper and lower lid, around the mouth and in the central cheeks. These are areas where it’s often difficult to obtain full effect with my other treatments such as fillers. Clearlift really complements my injectable work.

The ClearLift Plus has also expanded the patient population I can treat, allowing me to do tattoo removal. The offering has met a high demand in my office.

The Dye VL light based handpieces for vascular lesions is highly effective, as well. I often use this handpiece when treating rosacea and small vascular anomalies.

The other device which I would have to call my new favorite is the Femilift.  Never before have I had an option to offer my female patients the opportunity to address feminine health issues. Many of my friends, family and of course my patients struggle with a feminine health concern. For many women, I think this is a life-changing device. FemiLift is minimally invasive and a very comfortable procedure. I’ve had many patients elect to go forward with treatment based on those two factors alone.

In addition, it’s important to remember that this laser does fractional CO2 resurfacing. I personally underwent a fractional CO2 laser treatment with this device and I have had an overwhelming improvement in my skin’s appearance and my underlying pigment problems. I’m looking forward to doing my next treatment.

My patients also benefit from the vShape Ultra and love the comfortable hair removal* from the Soprano ICE. It’s hard for me to pick one laser over the other as they are all important to my practice.

The aesthetic industry is booming! What has been your most requested treatment?

My highest volume treatment is currently ClearLift Plus. I have a very large population of individuals between 40 and 60 years of age. They see the change in their skin’s appearance and notice more fine lines and other wrinkles. Because this treatment is non-downtime, it appeals to everyone. It also addresses problem areas that are difficult to treat with other modalities such as the upper and lower eyelid, perioral lines and the central cheeks fine lines.

The treatment which is growing the quickest in my office has to be the Femilift.  So many women struggle with a feminine health concerns. This treatment really does boost their confidence and make them feel much better. For so many patient, the Femilift is a life changer.

How has social media influenced your practice?

Social media has been a wonderful way to share the variety of services that I offer, explain treatments and answer questions.  It has also been a nice way to connect with my patients. I do post some photos and information about my office. In addition, I share some personal photos of my pets, my interests, and my children and family.

I think by sharing both professional and appropriate personal information, patients gain a sense of comfort in both my treatments and in who I am and what I am like, even before they meet me for the first time.  For me, it helps me to share in what’s going on in my patients lives. I am genuinely interested in them. It gives me a chance to congratulate them on their life’s big successes and excitements and follow their stories.

I think that this type of mutual connection has strengthened my professional relationship with patients and has really helped me to grow. To be honest, I was intimidated by social media initially and was somewhat slow to adapt. But now I really enjoy the connections.

How do you keep up with the latest technologies, treatments, and marketing in aesthetics?

It’s always a challenge to keep up with our fast-paced world. In order to stay current, I attend several cosmetic meetings. I am a member of the ASLMS and I network with my colleagues.

How important has having an online presence for your practice?

An online presence is highly important. Even before I was working in social media, I did have a fully functional website. I am trying to expand my website by adding more content and including videos which I find very relatable for patients. I’m doing the same with my social media. The online presence, coupled with word-of-mouth, has been my primary source of new patients. It is invaluable.

We’d like to thank Dr. Amber Bocknek for spending time with us today. Learn more about Dr. Bocknek and Alma’s Practitioner Spotlight here.

*Permanent reduction in hair regrowth defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9 and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.