Providers everywhere rely on Alma Lasers to serve their patients. You’ve heard us mention this (all right, brag about it) numerous times. Award winning technology that’s reliably cost effective with faster break even points and higher returns are part of the reason. But there’s an added bonus that comes with Alma’s technology.

Ongoing Marketing Support

In a survey, we found that a large percentage of our partners wanted to do more marketing. They understood the importance of continual outreach and attracting new patients to their practice. Regardless, many variables held them back. For one, it’s very time consuming to create a new campaign. Think of what’s needed to launch a campaign designed to attract new patients:

First – we need an IDEA! The first question is, “What should I market?” Most practices know that potential patients want more than a one-time discount. They want to be romanced and intrigued, wowed and compelled. Remember, they’re buying the results of the treatment and the experience that accompanies it rather than pulses or time spent under a laser.

Second – every idea needs a graphic designer to bring it to life. A talented graphic designer is worth his or her weight in gold. This is especially true for designers who work fast while maintaining a standard of excellence.

The most talented designers, the ones who create gorgeous work that resonates at a deep emotional level, are booked weeks in advance. Their skills come at a premium price, too. In a pinch, one can always find a beginner on or on sites like, but honestly you’ll always get what you pay for. These twin challenges, lack of time and huge investment in cash, are often enough to stop a good marketing idea in its track.

Now, these problems are solved.

Alma Lasers removes the hurdles to launching new campaigns. We do so by providing our partners with fresh, professionally designed campaign materials on a regular basis. Each campaign contains ready-made components needed to get attention in the real world and in cyberspace. The program is called Alma Rewards.

Our latest reward is Red Carpet Ready.

If you purchased an Alma Lasers device in North America, this campaign is heading to your inbox next week now in your inbox. (If you purchased a device from Alma Lasers and don’t have an email about this campaign, contact us immediately – click here.)

The Red Carpet Ready campaign contains sleek, eye-catching, and chic components that can be used to generate excitement going into the holiday season.

Providers can, for example, begin the campaign with the counter card.

Partners can download the counter card from our secure page. Once printed, it may be displayed on the receptionist desk. Upon seeing the counter card, some patients will inquire and ask for more information. But you don’t have to wait to be asked. It’s better to welcome each new patent and begin the conversation.

For example:

Provider: Have you heard about our Red Carpet Ready promotion?

Patient: No, I haven’t. What is that?

Provider: We’re helping people look great for the holiday season. You can go for glamourous or just feeling a little more youthful or energized. Would you like to hear more?

Providers wishing to add a promotion such as an introductory offer to experience JuVaShape-Face and Body Treatments or ClearLift may do so. The idea is to raise awareness, revive interest and guide patients along their aesthetic journey.

Those who are active on social media* can further continue their outreach using ready-made header graphics for Facebook and Twitter.

The subsequent posts and tweets can entice your following, for example:

It’s time to look glamourous because our Red Carpet Ready
promotion begins today! Click here…

Active social media users can continue to spread the message using memes or an animated GIF:

Last but not least, the campaign contains a Gift Certificate for those who believe an aesthetic treatment is the perfect gift.

Additionally, each of the Red Carpet Ready materials can be used on a website, in an email newsletter, a blog article, or incorporated into traditional marketing initiatives such as brochures or other takeaways. With these tools, you can let your imagination go to work and use them in a variety of ways at the same time.

The only catch to Alma Rewards is that it’s exclusive to Alma’s customers in North America. If you’re technology partner isn’t providing you with ongoing support, it’s time to ask them, “Why not?” Better yet, read more about Alma Rewards here.

*Hopefully, every provider reading this is active on social media. If not, we have a couple of Marketing Minute episodes worthy of your time. Learn more about reaching aesthetic patients on Instagram in Instagram for Aesthetic Providers and master Facebook Marketing by watching Maximize Your Marketing on Facebook. Both presentations are available on demand.