Video marketing is the new way to share your content. Content remains on its throne as the eternal king, mind you, but video is the medium in which content is now shared. According to the marketing automation experts at HubSpot, video will claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019. Even more important, 90% of customers report that a video helped them make a buying decision.

Why did video marketing become so important? Mobile phones, iPads, and other tablet devices changed the way we find and view content on the internet. We’re no longer sitting behind our desktop computer to browse the web. Now, we pull out our phone and search. HubSpot reports that mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year. This means that the way we look for goods and services has also changed. It seems that the only thing that’s stayed the same, is that we’re busier than ever.

These factors point to the reasons behind the growth of video marketing. Quite simply, video gives us a faster way of obtaining the information we’re looking for. Imagine that you’re searching for a landscaping service to battle the weeds in your front yard. You find a couple of web sites and scan the first page of each. Both vendors seem about the same. The third site, however, contains a video showing the before and after state of lawns the company has worked on and revitalized. The host is engaging and passionate about lawn care, perhaps insanely so. Which company will win your business?

The same concept applies to aesthetic providers. Given the projected growth of video content, the time to incorporate video into your marketing mix is right now.

Below you’ll find 23 tips to keep in mind as you create videos and launch your video campaign.

If you’d like to skip the tips and go straight to our Marketing Minute episode of Video Marketing, please click here. The presentation includes ten ideas for campaigns that you can implement immediately and use over and over again.

  1. Videos are about stories. What stories should you tell? Consider that every business is the result of two things; the original dream and the hard work that made it come true. When put together, these two facts create the story of your brand’s evolution. It’s worth telling, especially in a video. Think about the many stories you’d like prospective patients to know about you, your business, your technology, and your team as you draft this campaign.


  1. Make more than one video at a time – launching a video marketing campaign requires a series of videos. When you set aside time to record one, record three or more. If you want to make it look like the videos were recorded at different times, change your shirt.


  1. Going viral is a wonderful experience, but it shouldn’t be the objective of your video or any other marketing tactic you employ. The true goal of marketing is to form or deepen a connection with future patients.


  1. Stories are personal. Your audience wants a connection with you. You want your audience to become your Achieving this goal requires that you put yourself out there and risk a little personal information. For example, tell the story about how you became passionate about aesthetics. This will help you to stand out among your competitors.


  1. The first ten seconds of the video are the most important. In these moments, your viewer will decide whether to watch the entire video or move on and watch something else. So get right to the point. Immediately convey your message. For example, “Hi everyone, in this video I’m going to show you how to look ten years younger…” Unless your audience is eighteen, that’s going to hold their attention.


  1. You can start with a big question. One of the ways to peak interest in the first ten seconds of your video is by asking a question. In the scenario above, a good question would be, “Would you like to look ten years younger and feel great about your appearance when you look in the mirror?”


  1. Deliver the goods. Once you’ve held attention, you must deliver the goods. So know what you’re objective its. Are you making someone laugh or inspiring them to act? Or both?


  1. Ask for the next step. Chances are, many of your videos are intended to inspire your audience to take action and schedule a consultation with you. It’s best to be specific and give those instructions in a friendly call to action. Here’s one, “…Start your journey today and call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx to schedule a free consultation. It’s easier than you think, so don’t put it off one more day.”


  1. Don’t be boring. Seriously, people watch videos to fulfill a need. They’re looking for something. Simultaneously, they’re eager to escape the crushing grind of their day-to-day life, their never ending task list, and their problems. Take risks. Be humorous. Be entertaining. Be edgy if you can do so without being rude or arrogant.


  1. Don’t go full throttle on the marketing message. Videos that are entirely made of up of marketing talking points are easy to spot. They lack sincerity and therefore create little opportunity for personal connection. Being who you are is often the easiest way to avoid



  1. Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Most likely, you have a few tools you can use to record a video, namely a smart phone or a tablet device. Hit record and explore the capabilities of the tools you already have.


  1. Audio is important. If you’re recording a video next to a laser, your camera may pick up the sound of the machine rather than your voice. Professionals use small, clip-on microphones called lavaliers to eliminate this problem. When you’re starting out, simply make sure the room is quiet and talk loud enough to be heard.


  1. Lighting is important, too. Consider recording near a window to utilize warm sunshine. When that’s not feasible, move a lamp so as to add additional light as necessary.


  1. Sometimes, short and sweet is better. Your audience is in a hurry. Remember, they’re looking for something that will solve one of their problems. The faster you give them the answer the better.


  1. Some stories take a long time to tell. Imagine sharing all of the capabilities of the Harmony XL PRO, a machine with multiple clearances. That would be a long video indeed. In cases like this, divide the story into a series of videos and think of it as your treatment campaign, video initiative. (For more ideas on creating series of videos, see our Marketing Minute on Video Marketing.)


  1. Utilize YouTube. A short time ago, people thought of YouTube as the place where people posted videos of their pet cat doing something adorable or hilarious. While YouTube still has plenty of cat videos, it’s now used as a search engine. So people searching for ways to look younger might search on YouTube rather than Google. This makes YouTube a great place to use as the hub of your video marketing activities.


  1. Take advantage of YouTube’s embed features. YouTube allows you to host a video on their site and embed it on your own. This is a great service. It saves you money and, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to use. Click Share and then Embed to generate the code. Or, ask your website professional to handle it for you.


  1. YouTube is also a community. Chances are good that you can find another YouTuber with an existing audience, called an influencer, willing to Like and Share your videos. This will increase your reach and help you attract new patients. Remember to return the favor and like the influencer’s videos in return.


  1. Video marketing works best when people can easily find your video. For your videos to be discoverable they must be optimized. Video descriptions are extremely important. YouTube gives you quite a bit of space to describe the value of your video. But don’t stop there. When you embed your video on your own website, optimize the page that it lives on. (If in doubt, consult an SEO professional for assistance with on page optimization.)


  1. Always share your videos on social media. Use them in Facebook posts and Tweet to them. Remember, once the video is published on your site, you can send traffic to it over and over again.


  1. Link to your videos in your email newsletters. This will earn a few views and possibly a few shares, too.


  1. When you’re ready to take your video marketing to the next level, make the investment in a quality camera and microphone. Keep the projected growth rate of video marketing in mind and consider it an investment in your practice.


  1. Consider professional videographers. Producing a professional video used to be out of budget for most small businesses. Technology has changed that. Now, a three minutes video can be produced for as little as three thousand dollars. Best of all, many of these firms include promotion.


This list isn’t everything one needs to know about creating video content for growth purposes. The body of knowledge in this area is in fact quite large. But these 23 tips are enough to get you started. Video as a marketing tool is here to stay. That’s a fact. The sooner you embrace it, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards.

You can see examples of video marketing on our Instagram page which features videos from various practices utilizing Alma’s devices. Once you try out video marketing, you can be featured on our page as well. Keep us in the loop and let us know if you have any questions.

23 Tips for Better Video Marketing