What’s does the aesthetic consumer desire most? We know that the answer to that question can vary. One new client may desire the kind of improved appearance achieved through a skin resurfacing treatment. Another new client may want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A third might want to fight against the pigmentation and vascularity that accompanies growing older. The end goal, however, appears to be universal – patients want to improve their appearance and feel better about the way they look. Laser 360 iQ with iPixel constitutes the latest combination therapy from Alma Lasers; and this all-in-one protocol can provide the solution that your patients desire.

It’s important to note that Laser 360 iQ isn’t solely for skin resurfacing. The intention is, rather, to address multiple concerns and reduce those tell tale signs of aging. Laser 360 iQ consists of 4 treatments and combines some of the latest and most innovative technologies from Alma Lasers.

  • AFT – for pigment and vascularity
  • LED – for deep dermal heating
  • iPixel ER – for fractionated skin resurfacing

This gives Harmony XL operators the power to provide the ultimate combination therapy – and give aesthetic consumers a safe and predictable result that addresses multiple concerns. Will this create a WOW factor, one your patients tells his or her friends about? We believe it will. In fact, we’d like to tell you more about this innovation and the technology that made it possible right away.

Keep in mind that Laser 360 iQ combination therapy offers you the ability to customize the time frame depending on the patient’s needs. For example, mini Laser 360 iQ can be combined during a single session via a layered pass using the technologies. But Laser 360 iQ can also be spread out over a 60 day program. How you choose to implement Laser 360 iQ into your practice is your call, but one thing’s certain – you should know more about it and especially the innovative iPixel.

Innovation is part of our mission and we believe our success should be your success. We’d like to tell you more about Laser 360 iQ and the many other benefits we offer the marketplace. Speak to an Alma Lasers representative today.

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