bad tattoo 2In yesterday’s post, we explored laser tattoo removal and the trend of job seekers turning to aesthetic lasers to remove visible tattoos and improve their chances of securing employment. Today we’ll further explore how adding laser tattoo removal to your aesthetic laser practice can benefit your business and help this group of people. It goes without saying that short and long-term profitability is the first factor to consider.

You might begin evaluating this opportunity with your own patients. How many of them wear a tattoo? Does it still look crisp and clear or has it worn to the point where it seems they lost a fight with a felt tip marker? Has the tattoo had a negative impact on their life? Most of all, if your tattooed patients were able, would they have the tattoo removed? Evaluating factors relevant to your area is also important. How many companies in your area expressly forbid visible tattoos? Are they hiring and, if so, are the jobs high paying enough to motivate laser tattoo removal?

It’s a tough decision, as is any business decision to capitalize on an emerging trend. Harmony XL owners have a built-in competitive advantage in this arena. The High Power Q-Switch, used for treating both light (red, orange, yellow) and dark (black, blue, green) color tattoo inks is unique to the Harmony XL system, the only device available with the Q-switch integrated into the handpiece rather than as a standalone system. What does this mean to an aesthetic laser practice? Lower barrier to entry – and a sound business decision, by eliminating the large risk associated with a standalone machine, you can achieve a shorter breakeven point and speed up the return. When your patient lands a job, you’ll enjoy that reward, too.

The High Power Q-Switched handpiece features both 1064 and 532 wavelengths. The power output, delivers energy higher than other aesthetic lasers via multiple pulses, achieving peak power with maximum spot size. If you’re not a Harmony XL owner yet, talk to an Alma Lasers Professional about trade-in opportunities and step up to the Alma Lasers competitive advantage. It’s not only laser tattoo removal that we’ve got covered, but 65 different clinical and aesthetic applications. Our innovation can be your competitive advantage and all it takes is a consultation to learn how.
If you’re already considering adding laser tattoo removal, request a demo of this impressive innovation today. We’re standing by and look forward to you joining the Alma Lasers partners around the globe.