Meet the newest member of the family, the Soprano XLi – the latest innovation from Alma Lasers, the leader in laser, light and radiofrequency aesthetic technology.

Laser hair removal has long been the staple of many aesthetic laser practices. Some locations consider laser hair removal their bread-and-butter. Others may utilize the treatment’s popularity as a lead-in to additional services. In any case, aesthetic laser practitioners need a robust hair removal laser that accomplishes many different goals. Alma Lasers listened to the marketplace and took careful note of the needs, wants and wishes of today’s aesthetic providers. Today, we are extremely excited to introduce the Soprano XLi, the industry’s solution to laser hair removal.

How does the Soprano XLi meet the demands of your aesthetic laser practice?

Easy to Use – The interface is designed to take the guesswork out of settings. It a full color screen, easy on the eyes, and features touch-screen capabilities for fast set-up.

Safe – Patient safety begins with selecting technology built with a patient’s well being in mind. The Soprano XLi’s cooling mechanism decreases the risk of burns, blisters and other side effects. This added safety feature complements the rapid delivery of low heat.

Fast – Using the IN-MOTION™ treatment allows operators to both protect the patient’s skin and reach full coverage. This huge, competitive advantage is lacking in other hair removal lasers that require overlapping pulses.

Predictable – Nobody wants unhappy patients. The Soprano XLi meets the demands of the marketplace head-on to ensure the treatments you provide can give the result you promised.

And there’s more. Consult an Alma Lasers Professional today and learn what the Soprano XLi can do for your patients and your practice.

In honor of the launch of the Soprano XLi Alma Lasers will be donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in an effort to save lives through early detection and education. To learn more read the national press release and join Alma Lasers in giving back to the community.