sopranoxli_cta01_webAesthetic professionals working with hair removal lasers in Seattle, Washington already know that laser hair removal is a popular aesthetic treatment. Some would call it the most popular or well known of all cosmetic laser treatments available. Likewise, most hair removal professionals attempt to stay current on the laser technology available to get the job done.

Hair removal lasers have changed.

Like all technologies, the lasers used for hair removal have undergone changes since their debut. So aesthetic professionals now have a choice when it comes to hair removal lasers and the comfort of their patients. The provider can use outdated technology, some of which basically burns the hair below the skin, or provide the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ virtually painless laser hair removal from Alma Lasers.

The Soprano XLi, one of the hair removal lasers that provides the Pain-Free, Hair-Free hair removal treatment, helps professionals in Seattle, Washington and all over the globe turn laser hair removal into a more comfortable experience. The IN-Motion™ technique combined with an 810 diode laser creates a gradual heating below the surface of the skin. This minimizes the patient’s discomfort without sacrificing efficacy. Best of all, the Soprano XLi is cleared for use on all skin types. This means that providers no longer have to turn patients away.

Seattle’s Best Hair Removal Laser

It’s easy to see why this sleek, black machine has taken the world of laser hair removal by storm. Seattle providers should click here for more information. Likewise, Seattle hair removal customers can click here to find a location.

If virtually painless laser hair removal isn’t a part of your office yet, it’s time to ask why not? Furthermore, it’s time to experience the technology and see it up close and personal. Click here to schedule your onsite demonstration today.