sopranoxli_cta01_webSan Francisco is home to quite a few hair removal lasers. Given that San Francisco is home to about 17,179 people per square mile (per Wikipedia’s San Francisco page) and laser hair removal remains a popular, perhaps the most popular, cosmetic laser treatment available this is not a surprise. It seems evident that the laser hair removal business is vibrant in San Francisco and, above all else, competitive.

It’s important for any hair removal location to set itself apart from the competition. It’s important to provide patients with excellent service and to keep the business’ reputation in mind. The technology used – the hair removal laser – is another factor.  Aesthetic professionals working with hair removal lasers are usually committed to a lifetime of learning. After all, treatment techniques and technologies change fast in the laser industry. One such change that’s taken the laser industry by storm is the introduction of hair removal lasers that minimize discomfort for the patient.

The Soprano XLi from Alma Lasers grants hair removal providers with a way to differentiate themselves in a cluttered hair removal marketplace. This sleek black machine has been referred to as the Maserati of laser hair removal.

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This hair removal laser, however, features additional competitive advantages that benefit both the operator and the laser hair removal patient. The system utilizes an 810 diode laser with contact cooling and an IN-Motion™ treatment technique. This combination means that heating is gradual so discomfort is minimized for the patient without sacrificing efficacy. The IN-Motion treatment technique also helps to perform treatments in a timely manner so that providers are able to help more San Francisco residents achieve the smooth, hair-free look of today’s hottest celebrities.

It’s also important to note that the Soprano XLi is cleared for use on all six skin types. In a diverse population, it’s important that everyone can be served and that nobody must be turned away. The advantages don’t end there. But this hair removal laser is best experienced in person. So click here and schedule an onsite demonstration today.

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